Who we are

We are DYN Limited. Our website address is: https://ifundtrust.com.


– This fund invests primarily in debt securities in the Greater China region.

– This fund may be subject to investment, foreign currency, RMB currency and credit rating risk, the risks of investing in emerging markets specific to the China, Hong Kong and Macau market and risks specific to the PRC market. The fund’s investments are concentrated in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau and the value of the fund may be more volatile. This fund may invest in bonds, debt instruments and other fixed income instruments which increase in market interest rates, decline in the credit quality of the issuer and decrease in liquidity will adversely impact the value of these instruments.

– The fund will also invest in non-investment grade bonds and unrated securities which may be subject to greater credit and liquidity risks, and may be more volatile than higher rated securities. The fund is subject to risks associated with investments in China fixed income instruments, such as credit, insolvency and liquidity risk of fixed income instruments. The fund may invest in the “Dim Sum” bond market, which may be more susceptible to volatility and illiquidity, and subject to risk of regulatory changes.

– This fund can invest in derivative instruments which may involve additional risks (For example, leverage may cause greater volatility).

– Dividend of certain share classes, at the Board’s discretion, may be 1) paid out of gross income, i.e. the fund may pay dividend effectively out of capital; or 2) paid directly out of capital where the net income generated by the fund is insufficient to pay a distribution as declared. This will represent a return or withdrawal of part of the amount they originally invested or from any capital gains attributable to the original investment. This may result in an immediate decrease in the fund’s NAV per share.

– Investors may suffer substantial loss of their investments in the fund. Investor should not invest in the fund solely based on the information provided in this document and should read the offering documents, including Product Key Facts (including potential risks involved) for details.