Time to invest Chinese real estate bonds?--> April 7, 2021

Update on RMB Bonds: How and when to invest Chinese real estate high yield RMB bonds? 



Given the default case by China Wealth land , the overall yield of mainland real estate high-yield bonds has recently increased. Other macro economic factors, such as Chongqing Energy’s failure to repay debt, rising concern about tight government housing policies, and risk avoidance sentiment caused by falling in stock markets , altogether pushing bond yields to new height.

The fundamentals of the Chinese housing market remains robust, overall sales are projected grow steadliy in the year. With a widespread market sell-off, it is believed this is worthwhile investment opportunity for long term looking investors.

Bond yields of other similar developers are also rising, such as Zhongliang, Sinic, Fantasia, Redco, Central China, RiseSun and Ronshine.

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