“Cash is trash, stupid in US Bond! Bullish on Chinese Bonds”,Ray Dalio.--> March 17, 2021

“Cash is trash, US Bond is stupid, Chinese Bond rising”

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge-fund firm.


Latest Comments:

  1. Cash is trash, returns negative relative to inflation.

  2. Any dollar asset or US bond pays less than inflation.

  3. Short cash position preferable than dollar stock/bond mix.

  4. Tax & capital control leads US inhospitable to capitalists.

  5. Borrow cash to buy higher-returning, non-debt investment assets.

  6. Asian (e.g. Chinese bond) performs better, holding by investors rising.


Related comment in last Nov:

  1. Rise in its portfolio for Chinese assets for diversification & tactics.

  2. Favored Chinese bonds over U.S. debt.

  3. Expects capital inflows to Chinese currency.

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